Gustav Andrén joins Mindbanque

Gustav will work with sales, marketing and recruitment of specialist and consultants within banking, finance and compliance. He has 7 years of experience in the consulting industry through work with staffing and recruitment, partner relations, employer branding as well as contractual law and contract management.

Gustav holds a master degree in law.

Per Björkman joins Mindbanque

Per will be working as a Senior Business Consultant at Mindbanque. Per has 20 years of experience in management roles within the IT industry. He has an extensive track record when it comes to international and complex change programs including risk management, negotiations and compliance/regulatory programs.


Anders Lundstedt joins Mindbanque

Anders Lundstedt starts as a Senior Business Consultant at Mindbanque on the May 2, 2017.
Mindbanque strengthen its offering in asset management and Simcorp Dimension when Anders Lundstedt joins us.

Anders is a business expert and software developer who has worked with system development and support for both the front, middle and back office.

Anders comes from a role as System Manager at PP-Pension, and has previously also worked for Första AP-fonden, WM-Data and Arete.

Peter Åsén joins Mindbanque

Peter has an extensive experience in the financial industry and particular in the securities market with focus on order execution and asset management.

Prior to Mindbanque Peter had various roles at Swedbank including Business Manager for a Stock Brokerage unit and Sales Manager for consumer credits within digital channels and the telephone bank. Peter has also acted as Project Manager within different areas, including Manager for the banks consumer credit investment.

Tobias Åkerberg to Mindbanque

Tobias is a Certified Agile Project manager and has more than 10 years’ experience in capital markets in the financial industry.

Tobias has been Project manager for several technically complex projects implementing software systems at international clients in Europe, as well as several system integration projects in cooperation with third parties for integration and upgrade of trading systems and platforms.

Tobias comes from a role as System Manager at Skandia Investment Management, and has previously also worked for DNB Asset Management, Orc Group and Neonet Securities.

Tony Karlsson to Mindbanque

Tony Karlsson starts as a Senior Consultant at Mindbanque on the February 8, 2017.

Tony has an extensive experience in the Asset Management industry and will in parallel with the consultancy role also develop the Asset Management area within Mindbanque.

Prior to joining Mindbanque Tony came from VirtusaPolaris where he worked as Managing Consultant. Tony has more than 15 years’ experience in the industry working with companies such as Aegon Asset Management NL, Fjärde AP-Fonden and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to name a few.

Tobias Rudolphson to Mindbanque

Tobias Rudolphson starts as Senior Business Consultant at Mindbanque January 23, 2017.

Tobias has over 15 years experience in the financial sector and in particular the securities market. Tobias is an experienced project manager and requirements manager. Tobias has worked mainly in securities administration but also very close to the front office, compliance and risk functions.

Before joining Mindbanque Tobias has worked at Catella Bank Branch where he was Head of Operations and member of the Branch management team. Tobias has previously also worked at the Swedish Export Credit Corporation as Project Manager and Carnegie Investment Bank AB in various roles including Project Manager and Head of Treasury.

New evaluation of the Swedish financial sector

International Monetary Fund (IMF), conducted for the third time an evaluation of the Swedish financial sector and the authorities’ work on financial stability. The IMF describes the deficiencies and risks that have been identified and a number of recommendations.

IMF points out, in its report, the importance of a ceiling for the debt ratio imposed to offset the risks they see with household debt, they also believe that a leverage ratio for banks would further strengthen the resistance of the financial system.

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Source: IMF 2016

Helena Ringström joins Mindbanque

Helena Ringström joins Mindbanque in June 2016 as Senior Compliance Professional. Helena has over 20 years’ experience in Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sourcing.

In her most recent role as Trade Compliance Director at ITT/Xylem Helena developed and implemented international compliance programs. In her previous role Helena was Corporate Responsibility Director at Xylem where she was responsible for the CSR function including Environment-, Health-, Safety-, and Security, Sustainability, Trade Compliance, Ethics & Compliance and Management System Certification (ISO). Helena has also been in different roles in Trade Compliance and Sourcing at Ericsson.

Helena is experienced in driving change management. Initially by interpreting regulations, to perform risk assessments, map out compliance strategies and identify required actions. Thereafter lead the implementation through communication and interaction at all levels in an organisation, to execute and apply best practice and to implement training- & audit programs to ensure compliance with applicable international requirements.

Andreas Serrander to Mindbanque

Andreas Serrander

Andreas Serrander starts as a Senior Business Consultant at Mindbanque.

Andreas has broad knowledge of both securities and fund management operations. He has project experience in requirement management, project management and project sponsoring. Andreas is used to working with IT-intensive businesses and has been involved in system maintenance and development of back office systems. He has also worked closely with compliance and risk functions.

Before joining Mindbanque Andreas, for the last 9 years, has been the CEO of Aktieinvest FK AB. Prior to that, Andreas worked for Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.