The strategy and transformation partner to the financial sector

The financial sector is facing a growing number of strategic and operational challenges. These often originate in new regulatory requirements, new customer demands but also in new technology and new products.

By focusing solely on the financial sector, Mindbanque delivers deep business competence combined with extensive experience in implementation and transformation projects, thereby understanding the challenges our customers are facing today and tomorrow.

Team Mindbanque
Team Mindbanque

The consulting firm Mindbanque started in 2010 and consists of consultants with long experience from the industry as advisers and experts. They have been part of the massive changes that have been and still are a big part of our customers’ everyday life. The pressure of change has been particularly evident in the securities trading field, from the very good profitability of the 80’s to today’s tougher conditions. From the limited choice of products of the 90’s to today’s complex and globalized instruments on a multitude of markets. From the recent years fast-paced change from a web-based to an app-based world.

We always show a great commitment to the client’s goals, but also to the stakeholders and teams working on the projects. We ensure team focus and energy and delivery of satisfactory results. Pleased customers, our pleasure!

Mindbanque will continue contributing in the market change and service our customers in their work for new successes. Contact us if you also want to achieve the best possible results, while having a little fun at work!